Saturday, 20 June 2009

2012 International Trailer

Here below the international trailer of 2012, it is slightly different from the US trailer, it gives a better look at Actor John Cusack who plays the role of a father who tries to find safety for his family:

2012 MOVIE

The Mayan calendar predicted it, science has confirmed it.
But we never imagined it could really happen...

From the director
Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow

The world as we know will soon come to an end... yeah, sure... By the way if you're superstitious enough to get really scared by the 2012 buzz, I'd really appreciate if you could transfer all your assets to me at the end of December 2011: after all you really believe that the apocalypse will be unleashed in 2012, don't you?

Anyway the movie 2012 is going to be damned entertaining, that's for sure!


Jason W. said...

If the world ends it ends. I don't care the date. The Mayans only predicted that far because...well they were wiped out.

Smith said...

It is looking good. Special effects look amazing. I would love to watch. Awaiting release date...

Threndil said...

Let's hope they don't show it on 2012... otherwise, we might not be able to see it.